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This can be a difficult decision. Have a read through the following but if you are still uncertain, make it easy for yourself! Give us a call and we can discuss it with you.
Not all tills are the same. There are many factors that influence your choice of cash register. The first is usually cost! However expenditure on a cheap till that doesn't do the job properly is just a waste of money. There are other things to consider. Here are some of them. Details of the machines referred to can be found on the Products page.
         1.  How busy are you in terms of customer numbers? 

A Newsagent or supermarket will deal with a much higher number of customers than say a tailor or a hairdresser. A cash register with a plastic drawer will not handle the same amount of use as a machine with a steel drawer and should not be used except in the lightest use applications. If you are dealing with a low volume of customer through-put, choose Casio SE-G1 or ER180 for very light use because of their plastic drawers, or ER 180T, Sharp XE-A217 or NR-510 which have steel drawers. All the others can handle reasonably heavy use, but you should still treat them carefully to ensure long and trouble free use. 

           2.   Do you want a customer receipt, or audit roll, or both?

Casio SE-G1, ER180T and NR-510 have a single station printer which means they can only print a receipt or an audit (journal) roll. Sharp XE-A217 produces a receipt but has no journal printer, relying on it's electronic journal. ER180 has a very simple printer which cannot print your trading name on the receipt. The NR-510 and XE-A217 have an 'electronic journal' which is a limited memory area which can store the journal for the day and print it out if and when required. All others can print separate receipts and journals. The ER 900 and SER500 series offer the option of receipt only or receipt and journal printers. Electronic Journals are available in this range. SPS2200 requires separate printers for receipt and journal.
            3. How do you want to categorise your sales?

All tills have a number of departments or categories, e.g. greengrocery, canned goods, alcohol etc. This is often seen as the most important facility on a till apart from having somewhere to put the money! Some tills have more departments than others and this break-down can give some of your most important business information. Sharp XE-A307 is a good quality, simple, multi-purpose all round till with 20 direct access department buttons to categorise your sales, all in it's relatively small size.   

4. What is the nature of your trade?

 All tills can be used in all trades, provided they are in the right environment, see 'how busy are you'. However if you are a publican or a restaurateur / take away owner, then the XE-A217, ER-920, SPS-520, and SPS2200 are particularly suited to you because the products and prices are programmed in for easy selection. The SPS2200 is a touch screen machine, and is seen as perfect for these applications for quick and easy product selection. SPS530 is an excellent choice for this trade, because it has a touch screen and a flat keyboard making it faster than a touch screen-only device. ER-920 is an excellent straightforward (not to mention cheaper)cash register for this trade but it cannot be linked to other machines. (See next question)
5.  If you want more than one till, should they be linked together?

SPS500 and SPS2200 can be linked together. This means that you can consolidate your end-of-day reports from all tills and print them out on one. Programming can be downloaded from one till to all the others. If you want to link a multi-till system to a computer, the tills must be linked together. 

.  Do you want bar code scanning?

 Surprisingly, all tills shown can support a bar code scanner except Casio SE-G1, ER-180T and XE-A217. However the number of stock items you carry becomes important because tills have limited capacity to store the details of all the products. For example the NR-510 has a capacity of only about 6000 products if the memory is fully expanded, but the SPS2200 can handle about 50,000!

            7. Do you want the till to communicate with a P.C?

All tills shown can communicate with a P.C. except Casio SE-G1,  ER180 and ER180T. You will need specific software to do this because a till is not a PC and your P.C. will need the software to translate the data coming from the cash registers. Dedicated cabling should be used for communication between the tills and the P.C. Some models can store sales and programme data on a SD card which is then used to introduce the data direct to the P.C. thus avoiding the need for cabling. 
Some specialist systems use a P.C. as a till. This is usually where high memory capacity for features such as customer and supplier databases etc. is required to be accessed at the point of sale as well as in the office. This type of system should be used if you wish to use an in-house cabling network (LAN) where other PCs etc will be sharing the network.  


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